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Next to our own production facility, we have joint ventures with a range of quality mills throughout Europe and stock additional flooring products. In this way we can be of best service to our clients and are able to offer almost everything.

Rift & Quarter Sawn

All rift & quarter sawn boards share one common characteristic: the growth rings manifest themselves on the face of the board as straight grain.
In quarter sawn oak, a visual distinction is made between “quartered” and “rift” boards: Quartered boards exhibit the most medullary rays. Rift boards exhibit less to no medullary rays. Rift & Quarter sawn oak flooring in light shades is highly valued in minimalistic interiors.


The main wood species we work with are: European ash, European oak, European douglas, Dutch elm and American black walnut. Top layers are carefully cut from fresh raw material and then dried at a moderate rate. As a result, the top layers keep an even colour and do not show hair cracks. The sensibility of our multiplanks due to changes in moist and temperature is therefore reduced to the very minimum.

Green Building & Environment

Our multiplanks are BREEAM approved. The approval implies that the products have passed tests for all major European regulations on the presence of VOC’s and Formaldehyde in wooden flooring. Of course we can also supply our flooring FSC®-certified. We do not waste any wood. Leftovers are used to produce skirting and home decorations. The remainder as well as all our saw dust is used as fuel wood to heat the entire factory including drying kilns.