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On Stability

Tilt & Turn Window

Our timber windows are manufactured from glued timber, which becomes very resistant to sudden temperature changes, increased humidity and deformation. Timber frames are treated with an antiseptic, primer and painted in several layers. The timber sorts used comprise Pine, Oak, Meranti, Larch or various exotic species, which comes from FSC certified suppliers only.

External Door

The Front Door plays the vital part of the house, so one of the most important advantages is the aesthetics of perception. For many years will timber door withstand winds and showers, protect from the outside noise, dust, cold and heat. Timber door preserve the beauty and warmth of the wood and, most of all, will certainly be the highlight of your house.

Aluminium Cladding

We also manufacture timber-aluminium windows and doors that are currently considered to be the best invention on the market. The whole burden of weather is taken on by the aluminium plates, the timber is minimally loaded and is not affected by temperature changes. These windows will keep you happy for many years.