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On Durability


Glass is one of the key components in the manufacture of windows, performing multiple functions - thermal and acoustic insulation, solar control, safety, decorativeness and self-cleaning.
All glass used in the manufacturing of insulating glass units is purchased from well-know European producers and comply with the requirements of European Standards.


The painting is done using acrylic water-dispersive materials that are considered to be environmentally friendly and ensure strong adhesion with the timber for a long period of time. We are always happy to customize the window color to your home's exterior and interior. All the finishing materials come from German company SIKKENS GmbH.


Window hardware offers high functionality and security while providing the highest degree of convenience and quality design.
For safely and conveniently opening windows we use high-quality Austrian MACO or German SIEGENIA, G-U (Gretsch Unitas). Quality of hardware is the key to reliability and comfort of your windows and doors.