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Our Story

Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry
/ Leonard Koren

Stories are a part of us. It also surrounds us, it is in everything we touch, in everything we live with. With every glance we create new one’s or continuations of the already lived. It forms memories and creates visions. It is never linear and always plays with our mind by creating fantasies that interlock with reality. Taking this as a vision, we created a company that brings a story of wood into your home. We take wood as a bare essence and create a story for it - we form it into the windows of your life, the doors to your future or the so needed ground of reality. We do not only produce the physical product we enhance it with a story that wood itself tells you. And then we combine it with your vision in order to make it your own personal masterpiece.

Quality requires time. Craft is only obtained from knowledge. Tradition is inherited. All of them are invisible and yet always seen if we have an eye that understands aesthetics, beauty and hard work. Our company has gathered a group of professionals that not only have all the best qualities, but also a vision, that is seamlessly interlocked with tradition and the best of craft.

Our Products


As soon as you start to build a common story of our windows, your satisfaction will continue for a very long time. The service you receive before, during and after the sale is what will give you peace of mind and continued customer satisfaction. Whether it’s new construction or replacement; commercial or residential, we have the right products to fit your needs.


Creating the interior of your home we invoke a variety of colors, materials and shapes, carefully, reflecting on every detail. It is a major place - the space where we spend most of our time and where we create our stories - so fill it with the doors not only with ability to impress their appearance, but also with guaranteed durability, convenience and security.


We want more people to enjoy beautiful wooden flooring. The atmosphere in a space or room is mainly determined by the kind of floor used. The floor expresses your personal identity and lifestyle and represents the biggest piece of furniture in every room. Go and have a look around. Taste, feel and experience our passion for wood and lifestyle.

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